Canadian Experience Class

Canadian Experience Class

What is the Canadian Experience Class (CEC)?

The CEC is a pathway to Canadian Permanent Resident. It is a program under the Canadian Immigration where a temporary Foreign Worker may qualified to become eligible to apply for

How do I know I am qualified to apply for Canadian Experience Class (CEC)?

If you are a foreign worker in Canada who has done a full time skilled work for a minimum of one year within the last 3 years and intend to live outside the Province of Quebec you may qualify to apply as a CEC applicant. Your application will be processed through the Express Entry system and applicants must receive an ITA (Invitation To Apply) from Canada Immigration for final process.

I am an international graduate and my work is not related to my educational qualification. Does this matter?

In the case of international graduates, your work experience can differ from your educational qualifications, as long as your counting of work period starts after the completion of your study. If you count your work within the study time, you are not eligible.

At present I am outside Canada, am I allowed to proceed with Canadian Experience Class (CEC) even though I am outside Canada?

Yes, you may proceed with such application as long as you have Canadian Skilled Worker experience at the time of your submission. As long as the skilled work experience has to be within the three year period.

Canadian Experience Class

I studied in a language program as a second language, is it considered for my educational requirements under the Canadian Experience class?

Under the CEC, English- or French-as-a-second language courses do not count toward education requirements. However, your education can be counted towards the language component, provided that the second language component does not make up more than half of your course load.

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