Investor Immigrant

Investor Immigrant

Investors Class and Self-employed Business Persons.

Canada’s immigration programs are designed to attract new immigrants who will contribute to the Canadian economy.

Canada is open to self employed persons and business investors. Investor class program is introduced to help promote new business ventures and to allow global markets to enter Canadian economy.

Individuals with business experience and with educational qualifications may seek to enter Canada these programs. At the same time, business entrepreneurs and investors who are willing to invest in the Canadian market may able to explore the possibility for such investment.

At present, Canada is open to investors with two main programs:

The entrepreneur Star-up Visa: This program is open to Investors with a business plan that is willing to create a business in Canada to support the Canadian economy. The potential investor should be able to demonstrate that the investment will create jobs.

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The Self-Employed Business Persons Programs:</strong> This program is mainly targeting the self-employed business people. Under this category, self employed farmers, artists, and athletes will come. The persons who are willing to apply under this program must be able to satisfy the Canadian Immigration that they are able to support themselves including their family members through the self-employed activity.

The processing fee for such programs may vary depends on the program selected and the business model the applicant chooses.
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