Work Permit

Work Permit

Canada continues to attract many foreign workers. Each year many foreign workers come to Canada on Work Permits. These temporary Canadian workers are coming under many categories of work permit and many try to establish themselves in Canada. The work permit is a temporary permit given to a foreign worker to work in Canada. In order to apply for a work permit, foreign skilled worker needs to get a temporary offer of employment. Upon receiving the offer, the foreign worker applies for the work permit with Canada immigration. The sponsored spouses from within Canada are allowed to apply for an open work permits. This type of work permit is processed quickly and the sponsored spouses are allowed to get the work permits faster, if they are found to be eligible. The Citizens of United States of America and Mexico are allowed to apply under the NAFTA agreement based work permit. Also, the refugee claimants and their family members are also allowed to apply for work permit as well. There are different types of work permit applications available and the following types are mostly used. We strongly recommend the applicants to discuss the process of the work permit applications with qualified persons.

  1. Employer initiated work permit application with Labor Market Impact Assessment -LMIA.
  2. Foreign Skilled Worker applies for work permit through various avenues.
  3. Extension of Work Permit to a foreign worker by the Employer.

It is important to note that the tourist or temporary visa holders in Canada are not allowed to work in Canada. Work permit is a must for any foreign worker in Canada to enter employment sector in Canada. LMIA based work permit is initiated by an Employer. The Canadian employer should be able to establish that they could not find a suitable employee from within Canada.

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The certain categories of applications within the LMIA based work permit are fast track. Foreign Skilled Trade workers, highly paid professionals in certain categories and short stay workers are expected to receive the decision of their applications within a short period of time. But, please kindly note that the processing time is subject to change by the Canadian immigration. Also, note that certain category of skilled workers and intra-Company transferees are exempt from LMIA under the NAFTA agreement. The work permit is not a permission to travel to Canada or enter Canada. If you are a national of a country needed visa to enter Canada, then it is your responsibility to apply for a TRV. Those who seek work in Canada often discuss the work permit as work visas. To find our if you are eligible and meet the requirements, please contact us at info@avnicanada.com or call us 1 (416) 269-5883

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