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At Avni Canadian Immigration Consultancy Inc. we strive to assist new immigrants from around the globe to settle in Canada with much optimism and hope for a peaceful life. Located in the heart of Scarborough in the Greater Toronto Area, our team at Avni Canadian Immigration Consultancy Inc. provides a full range of immigration-specific services for clients who are seeking Canadian Visas, Permits, and Citizenship. We are well-informed on the latest changes in Canadian immigration law, and are able to assist our clients in understanding their options, and choosing the best one to suit their immigration needs.

Licensed Immigration Consultant
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Our consultant Namu Ponnambalam himself is an immigrant from Sri Lanka and has been in Canada for the last 25 years. Namu is a Registered Canadian Immigration Consultant licensed by the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC). For over two decades, Namu has also worked under several different Immigration Lawyers in Ontario. His vast experience and education can help new immigrants with the Canadian Immigration process.
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The decision to move to a new country is a challenging one, and the immigration law process can be seen as complex, long and sometimes even confusing. For many new immigrants, this process may be difficult especially when English is not their first language. Having several years of experience working in the Canadian Immigration System, our team understands the specifics of all types of immigration applications and recognizes that you may need a little extra help in making sense of the language surrounding the immigration process. Our team also works to make sure our clients are very well represented and work alongside our clients to allow them to fully understand the immigration process.
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We provide simplified solutions to individual immigrant applicants seeking to relocate to Canada as well as assisting refugees to find protection in Canada.
We are committed to provide our clients the best consulting services in processing any immigration application or in resolving any immigration problem. You may contact us at info@avnicanada.com
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New Immigrants

Canada will welcome between 280,000 and 305,000 (target 300,000) new permanent residents in 2016. The plan supports family reunification, reductions in application processing times, responds to economic needs and allows the government to meet humanitarian objectives. Read More

Licensed Immigration Services in Toronto offers Refugee Status

Intake of

The Canadian government has committed to intake of additional 10,000 Syrian refugees over next 5 years and allocated an additional $245 million for this process. The  government has promised to offer resettlement programs for Syrian refugees.

Immigration consulant offers Permanent resident services


Resident Status

The government commits to increase the target for permanent resident admissions in 2016 to 300,000, an increase of 7% from 2015. The permanent residents are expected to show there physical presence in Canada in order to renew their status.

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