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Skilled Worker Program

The need for skilled workers is always in demand to support the Canadian economy. Every year many thousands of skilled workers are looking for ways to migrate to Canada. The skilled workers are valuable to Canada’s growing economy. The need for particular areas of skills varies time to time.

Canada immigration adopts many avenues to attract skilled workers as per the countries need. Addition to federal Immigration programs, Canadian provinces are also having their own programs to allow the skilled workers into their respective provinces. Each and every skilled worker category is listed on the National Occupational Classification (NOC). Based on the needs of the labor market each job is classified.

The skilled worker or the potential applicants will receive an invitation to apply from the Canada Immigration. There are three different options or pathways are there to support such applicants. Federal Skill Worker: This particular program is for a skilled worker who has the knowledge and experience of particular skill in demand in Canada and looking for ways to get into Canada’s work force other than the province of Quebec.

Provincial Nominee Program: Each and every provinces in Canada is managing it’s own provincial nominee program to fulfill the demand in the labor sector. Quebec Skilled Worker Program: The province of Quebec has its own Skilled Worker Program. Those who want to settle in the province of Quebec can apply for Quebec Program. In addition to the skill, the skilled workers are expected to satisfy the Canada Immigration on areas of Language proficiency, medical and clean record on Police records.

The eligible candidates are allowed to come to Canada with their spouses and any dependent children. If you are a skill worker or if you are trying to help a skill worker who wants to migrate to Canada, are encourage to contact us at info@avnicanada.com

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