Applying for PR in Canada

Applying for PR in Canada

  1. What is Permanent Resident or landed immigrant in Canada?

The successful immigration process will land on a Permanent Resident status. The immigrant Visa will allow new immigrants to pave the way for the issuance of Permanent Resident status or Permanent Residence Card. Up on getting the immigrant visa, the new immigrant must present themselves to an Immigration officer at one of Canada’s ports of entry in order to become landed immigrant.

  1. Is there any benefits do I have if I become a permanent resident of Canada?

The landed immigrants / Permanent residents and Canadian citizens have almost the same rights and privileges such as free health care, free elementary and secondary education, etc. But there are exceptions too. The Permanent residents cannot vote in an election, the Permanent residents cannot hold a Canadian passport; and the Permanent residents can be deported for certain criminal convictions.

  1. When I become a permanent resident of Canada, do I have to stay in Canada contineously?

There is a residency obligation for the Permanent Residents.  The permanent residents are expected to show their physical presence in Canada in order to renew their status. The immigration requirement is that at least 730 days within the last five years prior to the application of renewal of PR card. But there are few exceptions to this rule. For example if you are a member of Canadian forces or outside of Canada, accompanying a Canadian citizen, who is his or her spouse or common-law partner or a child accompanying a parent or outside of Canada, employed on a full-time basis by a Canadian business or an accompanying spouse, common-law partner or child of a permanent resident, who is outside Canada and is employed on a full-time basis by a Canadian business.

  1. How can I submit my application to become a permanent resident of Canada?

The new immigrant must meet the requirements of one of the many categories of Canadian Immigration: such as Express Entry on which following branches of application will come under – Federal Skilled Worker Class, Federal Skilled Trades Class or Canadian Experience Class also one can apply under Business Class and Family Class. The application can be submitted for Permanent Residence in Canada through a designated Case Processing Centres / Centralized Intake Offices.

Applying for PR in Canada
  1. What is the procedure to become a citizen of Canada?

Only after having resided in Canada for four out of six years as a permanent resident/landed immigrant of Canada, one is eligible to apply for Citizenship. If you wish to proceed with application for Canadian Citizenship kindly contact us at info@avnicanada.com  or call us (416) 269 5883

Can you tell me the time frame for the Application process?

The application process depends on many factors such as type of application, the visa office where the application is submitted for processing, the complexity of the case, how well your case was presented and also the number of files handled by the office at the time of your submission.

Also note that it is very difficult to predict the time periods for any programs within the Canada Immigration.  We are not here to promise to expedite your process. But, we here to assist with your application in a professional manner, which will help to expedite such process. You may contact us at info@avnicanada.com

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Applying for PR in Canada
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