We are happy to assist you. In normal circumstances, we prefer to help the clients from start to finish of their immigration process. The difficulties you encounter by representing your can be fixed in many cases. But there are instances where the applicants make tremendous errors and expecting the consultant to fix all those errors can be difficult and time consuming as well. We are here to help any clients who are in need of our services. Remember one thing, credibility of your case is the foundation for a simple and expedited process. Yes, you may contact us at info@avnicanada.com

Permanent Residency is subject to residency regulations. If you are a Permanent Resident in Canada you may stay outside Canada up to three years within any five years. There are few exceptions to this rule as well. Kindly contact us at info@avnicanada.com.

Yes. Certainly apart from our legal fees, you may have to pay the Government of Canada’s fees such as non-refundable processing fees and right of permanent residency fees etc.

The application process depends on many factors such as type of application, the visa office where the application is submitted for processing, the complexity of the case, how well your case was presented and also the number of files handled by the office at the time of your submission.

Also note that it is very difficult to predict the time periods for any programs within the Canada Immigration.  We are not here to promise to expedite your process. But, we here to assist with your application in a professional manner, which will help to expedite such process. You may contact us at info@avnicanada.com

Yes, we are here to assist you. The Canadian Citizenship is an important step forward in your life in Canada. The application and documents are to be verified by a qualified person will simplify the process of such important submission.