Temporary Resident Status

Temporary PR Status

Temporary Resident Status in Canada

  1. I need help with my Work Permit application. Can I contact you?

Yes. Kindly review our website and contact us at info@avnicanada.com. Our staffs are happy to assist you with Work Permits.


  1. I am thinking about enrolling in an educational institution in Canada. Can I get your assistance for my Study Permit?

Yes off course. We are here to help with your application for a study permit as well.

  1. I would like to bring my grand mother on a Super Visa or a Temporary Resident Visa to Canada. Is it possible?

Yes. There are few options available to you. Review our website and contact us for your Super Visa or Temporary Resident (Visitor) Visas for your family members.

Temporary Resident
Permanent Resident
Eligible for Permanent Status
If you are looking to live in Canada and explore the country. Call us we can help you with your application.
Family visiting relatives in Canada, Visitor Visa
Landed Immigrant Status
If you are interested in applying for a permanent status , give us a call, we can help.
Applying for PR in Canada
Applying for PR in Canada
Applying for PR Status in Canada. Call us we can help
Permanent Resident Status
Can we can help with your application process for Permanent resident,call us
Immigration consulant offers Permanent resident services
PR Card Renewal
Are you renewing your PR Card, Call us we can help wi.
Student applying for international visa
Student Visa
Need help with processing of your student visa application , Call us we can help

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We are an immigration consulting company providing immigration consultation and various other related services. Mr. Namu Ponnambalam who is an experienced licensed immigration consultant oversee all applications.

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