Visitor Visa

Visitor Visa

Visitor Visa Issued After Previous Refusals!

A woman who wished to visit her mother in Canada contacted our office after having been refused for a visitor visa on three separate occasions. Her applications were refused for various reasons ranging from financial grounds, lack of family ties in her home country, and purposes of visit. The women’s mother was a permanent resident of Canada whom she had not seen in over nine years.

We assisted the young woman to re-submit a new visitor visa application for herself and for her youngest child. Our application contained extension submissions on family (re)unification as well as detailing the women’s established life and stable financial circumstances in her home country. Our submissions were accepted and passport requests for visa issuance were requested by immigration.

Family visiting relatives in Canada, Visitor Visa

If you are looking to travel to Canada and explore the country, visit family and make memories than the Canadian Visitor Visa may be the program for you. This Visa allows tourists, organ donors, business visitors and extended family members the opportunity to visit Canada on a temporary basis. This visa can allow visitors and tourists to partake in the Canadian culture, professional events, and year-round attractions.

If you are a temporary resident in Canada with a valid status, you can apply for a new temporary resident visa to return to Canada before you leave! To find our if you are eligible and meet the requirements, please contact us at info@avnicanada.com or call us 1 (416) 269-5883

Student applying for international visa
Student Visa
If you are a student currently residing outside of Canada, the Canadian Student Visa may be what you are seeking.
Canadian Immigration Consultant
Super Visa
If you are interested in applying for a Super Visa or are unsure if your family member qualifies for a Super Visa, please contact us.
Express Entry into Canada
Express Entry
The new Canadian Immigration selection system called `` Express Entry Visa`` is to make the immigration process quicker and easier.

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