Landed Immigrant Status in Canada

The Landed immigrant Status in Canada, is also called Permanent Residence Status in Canada.

The Landed immigrant Status in Canada means, an individual who has relocated and changed his permanent residence to Canada where he does not have citizenship but does limited rights associated with residency.

Also, these landed immigrants have been granted the right to live permanently in Canada other than where they originally hold citizenship, by Canadian immigration authorities. The Landed Immigrant Status in Canada holders  or the PR holders in Canada need to fulfill certain residency obligation requirements.

The term permanent resident is preferred, inclusive of and, in most cases interchangeable with the term landed immigrant.

Landed immigrant status in Canada is typically a condition precedent of an immigrant’s application for citizenship.

There are various types of status recognized in Canada other than citizenship: persons registered under the Indian Act,  permanent residents, Convention refugees, visitors and Minister’s permit holders may all lawfully be in Canada.

The term landed immigrant is often used in layman terms, to refer to those who have permanent resident status; to be “landed” is to have lawful permission to establish permanent residence in Canada.

There are several paths available in Canada to become a ‘Landed Immigrant in Canada ‘. The Express Entry programs, Provincial Nominee Program, Student Visa Holders, Self Employed Persons and Protected Persons are some of the many categories of individuals who may qualify to become Landed Immigrant in Canada.

Also skilled workers who are in Canada may also eligible to apply for PR or to become Landed Immigrant in Canada.

Landed Immigrant Status in Canada

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