Canada Immigration: This morning I received a call. On the other end caller identified himself as an international student who is studying in a recognized institution in Canada wanting to find ways to settle in Canada permanently.

The same day the news came on the news media! the Minister responsible for immigration promised to look for ways make the permanent residency easier for international students in Canada.


According to the media reports that the minister stating, “We should be doing everything we can do to court them,” adding that they are “the cream of the crop.”

The new Express Entry immigration selection system, which was introduced under the previous government in January, 2015, have failed to pave the way for Permanent Residency for many international students in Canada.

Multicultural Canada

Canada has over 300,000 international students and the numbers are growing every year. Many of these students choose to come to Canada for reasons of post-graduation work permits, also mainly to obtain permanent resident status, through their student advantage.

According to the minister the new government is willing to adapt more positive ways to reform the Express Entry immigration selection system in order to attract more Permanent Resident Application from International students who are studying in Canada.